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Victor Fragoso

Victor Fragoso
SIMCom Wireless Solutions

Field Application Engineer at SIMCom Wireless Solutions, Professor of IoT at Liceu Tech, Collaborator at Campus Party Brazil, Coordinator of the Latin American Free Software Festival and one of the founders of WikiLab. His work has been focused on the development of projects related to IoT, "Internet of Things", in applications such as smart sensing environments, smart cities, smart grid and industry 4.0. He also works in the development of embedded Linux projects and the integration in cloud services like IBM Bluemix, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Trilhas/Workshops/Hackathons que coordenou

Evento Trilha Data
TDC 2019 São Paulo Trilha Internet das Coisas 16/07/2019

Palestras deste(a) palestrante

Evento Trilha Data Hora Palestra
TDC 2019 Porto Alegre TRILHA INTERNET DAS COISAS 29/11/2019 10:10 Internet das Coisas com Rede Celular